CANON plans to launch competitor of the D810A

CANON plans to launch competitor of the D810A

CANON plans to launch competitor of the D810A. Not wanting to leave the astrophotography market open and uncompetitive just in the hands of Nikon’s upcoming D810A, Canon also seems to be working on its own full frame camera dedicated to astrophotography.

When the D810A was announced Nikon said it would start selling at the end of May so at any time this machine could go on the shelves, but its Canon competitor only expected for 2016.

Is this coming a Canon 5D Mark IVa?

If the rumor is true, it will be interesting to see which model will be converted to such a mission.

The 5DS or 5DSR could be interesting options due to its 50MP sensors, but definitely not discarding a version of the 5D Mark IV.

In fact with the best capacity of the sensors at high ISO and the advantage of the video this could be the best option of the two.

Canon’s first astrophotography DSLR was the EOS 20Da (converted from the 20D) and was followed by the EOS 60Da (converted 60D) – both APS-C cameras.

With the growing popularity and reduced price of full frame sensors, but mostly because Nikon did this, it would be a surprise if Canon launch a new astro camera without a full-frame sensor.

This camera wouldn’t stand a chance.

If you don’t want to wait until new information about the relationship of this camera (or the rumor drops), you can pre-order the D810A. According to Amazon the camera will be released on June 8.

Source: CanonRumors

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