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This Leica M10 can now be yours!

Faced with many launches at a CES, Leica also brought its own, celebrating with its own event in Germany, and there whoever went to the event could already go out with a bag on their shoulder and as the new lucky owner of the Leica M10.

Leica M10 can now be yours!

Leica m-10

The youngest daughter of the Leica M series checked with great improvements, slimmer body, improved performance, more intuitive and many other great improvements.


A big improvement in the would be for sure was the addition of a dedicated selector for some of the configurations and one of them is that the Leica M10 now has an ISO selector on the top of the camera.

Leica m-10

These are small details that make using this camera much more comfortable and intuitive.

And this is the first model of the brand where photographers can control all parameters of exposure in physical controls, without the need to access any menu.

This means that controlling the aperture, shutter speed and now also the ISO is much easier, and it is possible to do it even with the camera off.


The M10 has a 24MP full frame sensor developed especially for this camera. It allows for a much larger and richer dynamic range, with impressive contrast and sharpness.

Leica m-10


Due to the new sensor design, the ISO range has also gained a nice expansion. On the Leica M10 it can be adjusted from ISO 100 to ISO 50,000. In this way the M10 has unusual performance for low light situations.

Leica m-10


Perhaps the best highlight of the Leica M10’s improvements is the new viewfinder, which gained a 30% magnification in the image size. And with an improvement in the design of the display it has also become more comfortable.

Leica m-10


As with all modern cameras, the Leica M10 has gained an extremely useful feature, Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows the application to shoot and review photos remotely.

Leica m-10


One aspect of it that gained an adjustment, not so great, was the continuous firing system. It is now possible to take up to 5 shots at full resolution. Very last setting when shooting action scenes.

Leica m-10


With a more minimalist design on the camera body, the Leica M10 has a much more intuitive and dynamic handling, making life much easier when using the camera.

Leica m-10

Leica M10 is the thinnest Leica digital to date, only 33.75 mm deep. It is also lightweight and compact, easy to use and convenient.

It is also durable, easily resisting light rain, dust and bad weather.

Leica M10 will be available in two colors: black and silver. It is available for pre-orders from January 19, 2017 and comes with a price of $ 6,595.00.

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Written by Rix Mascarenhas

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