Como usar presets do Lightroom no celular Lr Mobile
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How to use presets for Lightroom Mobile

If you have been following the blog for some time, do you know how much I am connected to Lightroom, and with Lightroom Mobile on mobile sometimes things are not so easy, here comes the question, how to use presets for Lightroom Mobile?

Lightroom mobile does not have access to presets just like the computer Lightroom Classic CC so many people are confused on how and why to use Lightroom Mobile, especially those who like to use presets.

Using presets on Lightroom Mobile

From computer to mobile – Method 1

Well the story is very simple, if you have Lightroom Classic CC on your computer, it is because you are a subscriber to Adobe’s Creative Cloud package .

presets para Lightroom Mobile

And as a subscriber you have the right to transfer your photos between different platforms, such as from your computer to your cell phone. So you just need to edit your photos on your computer and then synchronize them with your phone, so all edits made on the pc, or mac, will also be available on your mobile device.

The cool thing about this is that you can also make changes to the photo while in the Lightroom Mobile app and they will have the changes made when you return to the computer. So you can open a photo on Lightroom Mobile, which already contains the edits you would like to use, and simply copy the edits to a new photo.

That simple!

Of course, this has a cost, after all Creative Cloud is not free. And not all functionality of the Lightroom app is available when you download it for free from the Play Store.

From computer to mobile – Method 2

Another way of doing the same thing and also allowing you to use Lightroom Classic CC presets on Lightroom Mobile, involves a little more patience.

First, you need to have Lightroom Classic CC installed on your computer. Then you will make all necessary adjustments to any photo in order to create a preset.

Watch the video below on how to save your presets in Lightroom Classic CC

After you make all the edits you find necessary in your photos, and save the preset, you will have to export this photo with the edits. It is not just exporting the way we are used to, you will have to export the photo in a DNG file .

On the computer!

presets para Lightroom Mobile

DNG files are actually Raw files , only from Adobe, and when you export a photo in Lightroom Classic CC as a DNG file, the file stores all edits made to the photo.

So you can apply your favorite presets to some photos, export them in DNG files and the magic will be almost done. After that done, just import the photos in the Lightroom Mobile app on your mobile device, smartphone or tablet, and finish the process.

After the files have been exported and copied to the phone, just open the photos, in DNG, on Lightroom Mobile and copy the edits to any other photo.

On the cellphone

informacoes da fotos no aplicativo

To do this, just open the DNG photo with the edits made on Lightroom Mobile and click on the 3 dots in the right corner of the screen to open a menu.

presets para Lightroom Mobile

In this menu you can copy edits from one photo to another, just select the option copy edits. Right after that Lightroom Mobile will ask you what edits you would like to copy.

opcoes para salvamento do preset

Select all the options that are relevant to your edition and click OK, now you can transfer the edits to a new photo! Then just choose a new photo in your Lightroom Mobile photo gallery and do practically the same process, only this time by clicking paste settings.

menu de opcoes do Lightroom Mobile

As soon as you paste the settings into a new photo all the settings you have chosen to be copied will already be defined in the new photo in Lightroom Mobile.

controles do  Lightroom Mobile

And ready is the method of how to use presets for Lightroom Mobile, not hard going!

Final considerations

As in the latest versions of Lightroom Mobile you are able to save presets, just save the edits of the DNG files you imported and create a new preset in Lightroom Mobile. Using this method you don’t need to turn on the computer, edit the photos and then sync with the app.

Just take the photo, with your cell phone, open the photo that has the preset you want to use and copy the edits to the new photo alright on the smartphone. Unfortunately not all devices support DNG files, older phones, Apple or Android, will remain at hand.

But if you have a newer device for sure you will enjoy this method without the slightest problem. Presets are a great way to make editing your photos faster, and it’s always worth having some up your sleeve.If you find this process difficult and don’t want to spend on signing up for an Adobe plan, my suggestion is Snapseed . It’s totally free, you can save presets for future use, it has great tools for editing. Perhaps the most annoying thing about it is that it can be easy to get lost in the app, for those who are already used to Lightroom. There are a lot of other apps that I use to edit the photos on my phone, if you are interested just comment here that I prepare other articles within this theme!

Written by Rix Mascarenhas

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