Download FREE presets for LIGHTROOM - Over 155 presets

One of the best things about Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is the ease with which you can edit photos, and everything is even easier if you use a mega collection of free presets for Lightroom.

No matter which version of Lightroom you are using, Lightroom 7, Lightroom CC Classic, Lightroom CC or even Lightroom Mobile, there is always a way to use your favorite presets to edit your photos. So if you're looking to download presets for Lightroom for free you're in the right place.

And to help not only novice photographers but also some professionals who don't always have time to edit a lot of photos, I decided to put this page here with a lot of free presets for Lightroom.

I'll be very clear, all presets are free, you don't need to spend anything. That's right, free presets for Lightroom divided into themes at no cost.

If you want to subscribe to the Fotographiko email list here every time I upload a new collection of presets you will receive a notification, then just go to the website and download. If you don’t want to subscribe, no problem, you’ll download the presets just the same.

Transform your photography with free presets for Lightroom, Lightroom Classic CC and more.

To download it is very easy just choose the collection of presets you want and put it in the cart, as the presets are free do not worry you will not pay anything. Then just complete your purchase normally. You will receive in your email a link to download the free presets for Lightroom. So easy!

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If you downloaded any of the presets or plan to download them, consider sharing this page on your social networks so that more people can enjoy it!

How to install free lightroom presets

It is not very difficult to install Adobe Lightroom Classic CC presets on Windows and Mac. So here's a tutorial on how to install presets on Lightroom.

Install Lightroom presets on Windows:

1 - First of all, you have to download the selected preset;

2 - Then, open Lightroom Classic CC on your computer;

3 - Drag the selected file to the open window;

4 - In LIghtroom go to the Edit menu, Preferences and then Presets;

5 - Click on "Show Lightroom Presets Folder ...";

6 - Select the “Lightroom” folder and double click;

7 - Choose the “Develop Presets” folder;

8 - Find the files for the new presets in the folder you downloaded and copy them to the Develop Presets folder;

9 - Finally, restart Lightroom and enjoy your work.

Install Lightroom presets on Mac:

1 - Open the Lightroom Classic CC software;

2 - Choose Dialog and then Preferences and Presets;

3 - Click on “Show presets folder” in the pop-up window;

4 - Select the "Lightroom" and "Develop Presets" folder.

5 - Find the files for the new presets in the folder you downloaded and copy them to the Develop Presets folder;

6 - Close the program, open it again and then enjoy your presets.

Install presets on Lightroom Mobile, Android or IOS application:

1 - To install presets on Lightroom Mobile on your smartphone or tablet just follow this tutorial here

You can also follow the installation in the video below.

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