Como deixar o Lightroom mais rápido. Acelere sua vida

How to make Lightroom faster. Speed ​​up your life

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There’s no photographer who hasn’t already asked themselves – How to make Lightroom faster. And that will be the subject of today’s video.

In fact, we are always looking for more efficient ways to perform our tasks, whether professionally or just in personal life. The fact is that we always seem to need more time to get things done, or to do more things with the short time we have.

And photography is no different, we always need more time to edit the photos, or faster computers to work more smoothly. Many people think that just changing computers or asking their cousins ​​to format will solve the problem. But it’s not always so.

How to make Lightroom faster

In this video I show specific tips for Adobe Lightroom, and how you can make Lightroom faster and make your edits much more smoothly.

Most of the time it is enough to understand what the program needs for you to have a much more friendly experience with it. Of course, many programs require a lot of machine resources and if your computer does not have these resources you do not have many alternatives other than the upgrade.

But if your machine is up to date and you are experiencing some slowness in Lightroom use the tips in the video above to make Lightroom faster and work more smoothly.Comments are always welcome and help the site a lot, as well as sharing the link with friends! So you already know what to do. Be sure to see the other articles on Lightroom here


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