Quais sao as responsabilidades de um fotografo

What are the responsibilities of a photographer

Photography can be much more than just walking around and taking pictures. In addition to a great hobby it can also be a business, a job or a career, and knowing what are responsibilities of a photographer is a good way to start.

Much like all the other jobs out there, photography requires some responsibilities and merits to be achieved if you want to be successful. As a business, photography can be very challenging, as it needs knowledge in several different branches.

In this article, we’ll look at what are responsibilities of a photographer, as well as some requirements for being a photographer.

What skills does a good photographer need to have?

The responsibilities of a good photographer are a common issue among beginners and professionals alike. But before entering any responsibility let’s talk a little about the skills that a good photographer needs to have.

Artistic sense

This is obvious. You can have all the technical knowledge you want, but if you don’t have an eye for photography … well, it won’t work.

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

A really good photographer should be able to masterfully compose a photo and create a beautiful visual concept. Not only that, but he also needs to have a basic understanding of framing, light and colors, as these three factors are the cornerstones of a good photo.

Communication and business skills

If you want to sell your work, be communicative is a must. A good photographer must be able to bring in new customers for his business, and meeting new people daily is a good way to do so. Talking to customers and understanding them is also important, a photographer must really understand what his customer wants.

This is the key to becoming a successful photographer. The more you connect with your customer, the more confidence you will have in return.

Must be attentive to details

Most people won’t even notice these details. But for me this will make your work stand out. Paying attention to all the details, not only during the section, but in all stages, will enable you to deliver a job with much more quality.

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

Photo editing skills

An unedited photo can look very good, but most of the time editing is a crucial step. A good photographer nowadays must know how to use a computer and photo editing software. A really good photographer can get incredible results using even the basic software, not to mention things like Photoshop.

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

After all, editing should be just the icing on the cake, since most of your photography skills must be present at the time of capture!.

What are the responsibilities of a photographer?

Look at them knocking on your door, yes the responsibilities have arrived! And a professional photographer has a huge amount of responsibilities to fulfill, especially if he owns his own business.

These responsibilities are sometimes so great that they can lead to stress and in more extreme cases make the subject unable to work in the field. So if you think, or one day thought, that a photography business is a piece of cake you can tie your horse elsewhere because it is not like that.

Like any professional, the photographer will spend a good part of his time fulfilling responsibilities that have nothing to do with photographing.

Be friendly to customers

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

The first responsibility of any professional is naturally be friendly, and he does not even need to be a photographer. Being friendly will bring you more customers and retain the customers you already have, so it won’t be a waste of effort.

Nobody likes to work with a boring guy who complains about life all the time, or worse who complains about everything all the time. Have a good relationship with people who will work with you is your responsibility.

This is not a skill this is a professional responsibility remember this.

Search for new photo opportunities

It is also your responsibility, as a photographer, to always look for new opportunities and ways to renew yourself in photography. Photography is a job that requires a lot of your creativity, and looking for opportunities to create more inspiring photos is one of the main responsibilities of a photographer.

Being creative always has its problems and advantages and working in a creative field sometimes amplifies these problems and these advantages. Remember to always carry your camera with you at all times, so you won’t miss out on certain opportunities!

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

Being able to work in different conditions

Unless you just work inside a studio and shoot basically the same thing, photography is not a walk in the park where everything always works out. Often you will have to go to places where neither you nor your equipment will be very safe against weather factors for example. 

In fact, sometimes you will put yourself or your equipment in more risky situations just to capture a single photo. You will often work with people who don’t think like you, and this friction will make the atmosphere more tense. 

All of these situations where you may find yourself outside your comfort zone will be considered “different conditions”. So keep in mind that it can be part of some responsibilities of a photographer to deal with slightly more adverse situations.

Have reliable equipment

A professional photographer should always use high quality photography equipment, and this is not in dispute. But above all, a good professional has to trust the equipment he uses to record his work.

One of the responsibilities of a photographer is to always keep his equipment up to date in terms of operation. And it is your responsibility to leave your customer satisfied and without the proper equipment, this is almost impossible.


This one is a crucial responsibility for any professional, and speaking of photographers it should be a must.

Not just organizing during the photo shoot, but organizing the scene so that the photo looks beautiful, or organizing equipment so that nothing is lost or broken. This also applies to scheduling sessions, delivering photographic material and also for maintaining and editing this material.

It is the photographer’s responsibility to take photos, edit photos and deliver photos within the term described in the contract. As it may be his responsibility to maintain such files for the period of time discussed with the client. 

Without a minimum of organization, a photographer cannot live and work without wanting to pull all the hair out of his head.

Discuss technical issues

Photography is technology dependent. And as we know, whenever we have a piece of technology we also have some technical problems.

One of the responsibilities of a photographer is to take note of all technical problems and initiate a discussion with customers when necessary. Technical problems are sometimes image quality, poor lighting, inappropriate environment, etc.

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

This should be discussed between a photographer and his client to determine whether something should be done and how such problems are going to be remedied. As you will not always be shooting in places where you know, it is interesting to always have a little more open mind to this type of discussion.

Managing the photography business

Although this one not in the first place, this is very important, and it is clear that this is not just a responsibility, but a duty. Self-employed photographers have to manage their business very well if they want to be successful. 

The management of this business includes administration, billing, accounting, work scheduling, taxes and more.

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

All of these duties must be organized in some way. paper or computer, so you don’t risk losing the thread.

Taking care of all this will help you to be a much better professional and of course a lot more responsible.

Manage a portfolio

A photographer without a portfolio is the same as a car without wheels, it is useless. Among the responsibilities of a photographer, managing your own portfolio is extremely important and essential for any business.

It doesn’t matter if you take great pictures calling it work but not showing it to anyone. Nowadays there are very easy ways to create a portfolio where you can show your work, Instagram for example.

Despite all the technological facilities, I believe that nothing beats the facilities of having your own website with your portfolio.

A good portfolio should always include the most recent jobs, detailed information about you, as well as your contact information. Do not forget that having a website requires investment and management and if you do not understand any of this you will have to hire someone.

Promotion and Marketing

Knowing how to manage your self promotion and marketing campaigns are the responsibility of a photographer as well.

We can count on technology and create marketing campaigns using digital platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram. And of course this is another item for you to manage, look at how much work being a photographer does, most of it have nothing to do with taking photos.

The easiest ways to promote yourself are still valid, like the good old business card, or a postcard for potential customers.

Stay tuned to industry trends

Speaking of valuable responsibilities, this is very important. Keeping up with the latest (and best) photographic trends should be a priority. You should always look for new equipment, a new style of photography, new environments and new subjects for shooting, that add something to your style.

Yes, it’s amazing to have your own style, but it’s also great to change things up a bit and renew yourself from time to time. Much of the same thing can make your job a little boring and the trends will help you keep your creativity going.

In this case, the internet is a great way to start. Alternatively, cooperating with other photographers is also a good idea and will help you keep in touch with other professionals.

Talk to other professionals

You know that phrase: – Nobody knows everything. So this is why keeping in touch with other photographers, professionals or not is important. We always have something new to learn from someone, it is your responsibility to always talk about photography and the commercial side of photography.

Not only that, but you can also meet graphic designers, researchers, art directors, etc. All are professionals who eventually need your services as a photographer. But all of this only happens if you are willing to create this networking.

Is success guaranteed?

Quais são as responsabilidades de um fotógrafo

What if you fulfill all of your responsibilities?

Will you succeed?

This will depend on the conditions in which you work and you business will have to face. For example, not every country is great for photography. Some countries value photographers less, while some countries and even cities are great for this business. In addition, many other factors come from the photographer himself.

You often have to give up something to start building your career, or you have to expose yourself to situations that you may not be so comfortable with. And many times in photography, as it is a solitary and individualistic job, you will have to carry all the responsibilities of a business alone. 

And of course, fulfilling all the responsibilities of a photographer is no guarantee of success, but of course it will save you a lot of headaches.

Do you need additional qualifications?

Certain additional qualifications are very welcomed. Like video, design, and a lot of other things. but of course they are not prerequisites.

Any qualification that adds value to your work will make you a better photographer.

The responsibilities of a photographer are numerous, and they only increase if the business or his career takes off. If you are the type person who cannot bear responsibility, it may be worth rethinking your career, or learning to deal with it.

And which responsibilities of a photographer do you find more boring and which ones I forgot to put in this article. Leave it in the comments.

Written by Rix Mascarenhas

Rix Mascarenhas is a photographer, videographer, and drone pilot at https://www.jivephotographic.com/

Art lover, always involved with crafts, design, painting etc... As a photographer, I enjoy taking pictures and creating stories that have meaning and help people to thrive. My work is guided by the stories behind each scene that really represent the moment.


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