CÓPIAS VIRTUAIS NO LIGHTROOM – Uma foto, várias opções

VIRTUAL COPIES ON LIGHTROOM – 1 photo several options

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Today I’m going to show you how to use virtual copies on Lightroom and I’m going to show you how you can use them in favor of your photography.

Usually when we have to edit the same photo with different styles to choose the best option or just have an idea of ​​how the photo would look in black and white , we face the problem of duplicating files.

And it is about how to avoid being duplicates of files that eat space on your HDD that this week’s video appeared.

What are virtual copies in Lightroom?

Virtual copies in Lightroom are a way for the program to create a copy of your photo without creating a new file that takes up space on your HDD.

It simply duplicates all the instructions in the program’s database, so that you have two different photos to edit but the ones coming using the same main file as references.

Since LIghtroom works with non-destructive editing, you can make any edits to any of the two copies of your photo that will still remain intact.

See in the video how to use virtual copies in LIghtroom and make several different versions of the same photo.

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