Skylum Luminar 4.3 – The change is coming

Using Mcphun Luminar. Is it an alternative to Lightroom?

* Update: See the latest version of Skylum (formerMcphun) Luminar here .

In today’s video you will see a small preview of what you can do with Mcphun Luminar, the newest competitor for the post of best photo editor. And so as not to lose the habit I will show you a step by step of using some of the program’s features.

Using Mcphun Luminar

Skylum (formerly known as Mcphun), has been in the image editing market for quite some time, they were applications, plug-ins for LIghtroom and Photoshop and now they try to take a big career step, and a very welcome step say passage. They want to put on the market an entirely new version of the image editor to compete with the market leader.

Of course, this is a difficult job, but if done well, there may be a large number of photographers wishing to use Skylum’s solution.

In the video above I show a little of what Mcphun Luminar is capable of , and how you can start using the program. It is not much different from Lightroom or any other image editor to be quite honest, and it is very worthwhile to download the trial version which is fully functional and free, so click on play at the top of the page.

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Written by Rix Mascarenhas

Rix Mascarenhas is a photographer, videographer, and drone pilot at

Art lover, always involved with crafts, design, painting etc... As a photographer, I enjoy taking pictures and creating stories that have meaning and help people to thrive. My work is guided by the stories behind each scene that really represent the moment.


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