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Color Grading Using Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro

Today the video is not about photos, but about videos, I will show you how to do color grading using Photoshop and leave your videos with a totally new face.

Color Grading Using Photoshop

In the same way that we treat our photos to leave them with the colors in place we can do with our videos. The process of treating colors in videos can be called Color Grading. It is the same as Lightroom, which can use presets to create the color editing of photos. We can use presets called LUts to create color editing in videos.

There are a multitude of Luts that can be downloaded to be used with Premiere, Davinci Resolve or even within Photoshop to color your photos. You can think of them as presets that specifically work the contrast and colors of your videos, but they can also be used in photos without any problem. Even within Photoshop it is possible to use Luts to edit the colors of the photos.

In today’s video I will teach you how to create Luts using Photoshop and then I will show you how to use this Lut to create the color grading of your video in Adobe Premiere. So not to miss click on the video at the top of the page!

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Written by Rix Mascarenhas

Rix Mascarenhas is a photographer, videographer, and drone pilot at

Art lover, always involved with crafts, design, painting etc... As a photographer, I enjoy taking pictures and creating stories that have meaning and help people to thrive. My work is guided by the stories behind each scene that really represent the moment.


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