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Color Temperature – Cold Colors

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn all about color temperature in Lightroom . And I’ll tell you something, the temperature of the thing is one of the most important things when editing your photos. And one of the easiest ways to work with color temperature is to make a great edit of the white balance.

But as I talked about white and white before here on the blog, today we will talk about how to edit cool colors in Lightroom.

Lightroom tutorial – Color Temperature – Cool Colors

Knowing how to work with colors is a big challenge, and knowing if you go out to follow the paths of warm colors or cold colors and will always be something that will define the mood of your photos. In Lightroom we have more than one way to work with colors. In addition to having the white balance control available, we have the tinting control of the image, just below the white balance and of course we have all the HSL tab, saturation, luminosity and hue divided by colors in Lightroom.

So if you have questions about working with colors in Lightroom click on the video at the top of the page and see how easy it is. The editing that I will do in the video goes towards the cool colors, and you can follow along watching the video.

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Written by Rix Mascarenhas

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