8 razoes para voce comprar uma lente 50 mm agora
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8 reasons for you to buy a 50mm lens now

If you are new to photography, you are probably confused about all these types of lenses. You’ve seen names like wide angle, telephoto, telephoto, zoom, prime and many other terms. But there is always someone who tells you that you have to buy a 50mm, or fifty, as we affectionately call it. And yes, there is a big reason for you to invest in a lens like this first.

I believe that nowadays this is the most used lens around, gaining even 35 mm, for several reasons. For example, portrait photographers often use this lens just like street photographers.

In today’s article I will give you at least 8 reasons to buy a 50mm lens now, and add one of the most versatile lenses you will have to your equipment. I’m also going to talk about some of the best 50mm lenses that your money can buy. Take your cup of tea or coffee and let’s go!

8 reasons why you should buy a 50mm lens now

8 razões para você comprar uma lente 50 mm agora

It is one of the most versatile lenses in existence

I know I already said that, but let’s just elaborate. Why is a 50mm lens one of the best you can buy?

Taking as an example a telephoto lens, which has a much narrower field of view, but has a reasonable magnification factor. It will be possible to photograph a number of different things, such as some wild animals or birds in the distance. Or if we nail a wide angle, which will have the ability to put almost everything you can see in front of you, as it has a much wider viewing angle.

Halfway there is 50mm with its field of view not too narrow and definitely not too wide. With the features that a 50mm lens offers, you can capture almost any type of photo with a high chance of success. The 50mm focal length simply works wonders, as it is one of the closest to the field of view of a human eye. So you are representing almost exactly what your eyes see. That said, if you like to take pictures on vacation or when visiting other countries, a 50mm lens is all you need to take to make great pictures.

The 50mm lens is very cheap

8 razões para você comprar uma lente 50 mm agora

Isn’t it cool to pay less and take more? You do not always need to buy a lens that costs more than your camera, and note that this is not at all difficult, the quality of the lens is not always linked to its cost.

Most manufacturers produce their 50mm lenses, and almost all of them have a very good price compared to what they can deliver. They are usually the first lens that someone buys after using the kit lens, usually an 18-55mm lens, mainly because of the price.

Most 50 mm lenses are not indestructible, so it is good to be careful with them. But they offer features that many more expensive lenses may not offer, such as the F / 1.8 aperture, which is almost standard on all 50mm lenses.

Costing between U$100.00 to U$400.00 depending on the brand, 50mm lenses are certainly on the wish list of any photographer, especially beginners. And with this price, which are low in the world of photography, you will take home a lens capable of delivering you an incredible portfolio at a low price. Here’s maybe the best reason for you to buy a 50mm lens now.

It is lightweight and compact

Comparing the size of 50mm lenses to most lenses out there is almost unfair, as it is really light and compact, most of the time. And comparing their size with some bestial telephoto lenses is a great injustice! Some 50mm lenses are so compact that they can fit in your pocket without any problem. If you don’t need to carry a 70-200 f / 2.8 lens and want to give your biceps a break, having a 50mm lens is a good recipe for happiness.

Because it is small and light, you can better stabilize your photos, while with large lenses, you will need a good tripod to stabilize the photo. For those who like practicality this lens is what you need.

It is great for portraits

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If we go out asking photographers out there for directions for a good lens for portraits a good part of them will indicate a 50mm. It is one of the great preferences when making portraits for a number of reasons, and one of them is that it is great for integrating the subject into the rest of the image. A 50mm lens can include details of the background of the photo in your portraits making them more attractive and with a better context. In addition, a 50mm lens with f / 1.8 will still have an aperture large enough so that your subject remains in focus, even if the background is out of focus.

It does not distort faces

We don’t always want our photo to give us a notion of a more dislocated and unnatural perspective, there comes the fifty again. The 50mm lens is the ideal lens for taking portraits and not distorting the faces of the subjects being photographed.

Other lenses that have the same effect as the 50mm are 35mm and 85mm, but they are not as versatile or as cheap as the 50mm.

If you want to take natural photos and make them as realistic as possible, a 50mm lens is unmatched.

It is great for low light conditions

Another advantage of the 50mm lens, in addition to its depth of field, is the ability to shoot at night or in low light situations. This is a problem with many lenses, even more expensive lenses, and it is where the fifties usually shine.

While many telephoto lenses come with an aperture of f / 2.2 or f / 2.8, the vast majority of 50mm lenses come with a fixed or variable aperture between f / 1.4 to f / 1.8. Which is more than enough to let in a large amount of light, giving you a great chance to take photos at night. If you are not familiar with the opening settings, just take a look at the opening part of this article here.

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It can make macro photos

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Although it is not one of its natural functions at 50mm it can make great macro shots. Of course, this is not her specialty, and you will have to have a little courage to use it as a macro lens. Here’s the little trick, take your 50mm lens and don’t put it in the camera.

Instead, flip it over and hold it in front of your camera mount, rather “invert” the lens. Even if you don’t fit it on the camera, you’ll still be able to shoot, completely manually, it’s not very comfortable but it’s very effective.

To make the focus you will have to get closer or farther from what you are photographing, and of course it will be good to have good lighting. Using this technique you can get a taste of what it is like to do macro photography and suddenly add another niche of photography to your collection.

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It will make you a better photographer

A 50mm lens will make you a better photographer as it will force you to adapt to situations. You won’t have an optical zoom as you do with telephoto lenses, and you certainly won’t see everything around you like in a wide-angle.

This will make you think more when composing your photo, due to the “limitations” of your lens. In situations like this, you will learn not only how to use the advantages, but also the lack of resources of your equipment in favor of your photography.

Top 5: 50mm lenses for 2019

These lenses were not chosen based on price, but on performance. These are the best 50mm lenses you can find right now.


Despite all its advantages, the 50mm lens is far from the perfect lens. Of course, as an amateur photographer or for very beginners it will be the best acquisition they can make.

For most photographers, a 50mm lens will bring serious firepower to the table. Its versatility and price-performance ratio are simply unbeatable and, in addition, you get fantastic results in low light conditions.

The 50mm Canon lens for example is a great choice for those who shoot with Canon cameras, as it has incredible quality when comparing the price of the lens, which is very affordable. For those who use Nikon at 50mm f1.8 G, it is the best option at the moment, low bust, good image quality and great capacity in low light.

Some brands produce macro lenses with a focal length of 50mm, which is a great deal for those who are starting to take macro photos.Almost no lens in the price range of a fifty has so many advantages. And if you haven’t already bought one, it’s because you haven’t read the reasons why you should buy a 50mm lens right now.

Still in doubt? Take a look at this 50mm lens comparison.

Written by Rix Mascarenhas

Rix Mascarenhas is a photographer, videographer, and drone pilot at https://www.jivephotographic.com/

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