Do you want to accelerate the process of editing your photos? I bet you want! 


There’s nothing better than a collection of presets to help you get the job done! Better yet for free.

Presets tailored for any kind of photograph that you want to take and edit. Here a present you with a complete pack of Lightroom free presets my friends.

Lightroom free presets
Every month I will send you a link to download a pack of Lightroom free presets.

All you need to do is simple!

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Simple like that, 4 step to get a ton of new Lightroom free presets.

This month I will start with one of the most popular themes for photos nowadays, and definitely, this pack Lightroom free presets will up your game.

All presets here work with Raw files and with Jpeg, so you don’t need to be worried about it.

And if you don’t know how to install Lightroom presets I will send a link explaining how to install them, versions prior CC.

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Street Photography.

This pack of Lightroom free presets is tailored to give your subject to proper attention for this kind of portrait.

You will receive 10 Lightroom free presets which will up your street photography game with 1 click.

This pack of Lightroom free presets works on any version of Lightroom including Lightroom Mobile.

Worth to mention that you need to be a Creative Cloud subscriber to make use of preset sync with the mobile version.


Lightroom free presets

Check the before and after!

And I know you are thinking right now:- Just 10 presets. I will have to wait until next month to get new ones.. MEhhhh
Well, like everyone else I need food, and if you don´t want to wait you can buy another preset pack here!
Don´t worry it will not break your bank.